Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wine and Design

So.... I've mentioned how bored I am and how much I love to design right? Well, my mom and sister have had pity on me and asked me to design my sisters Bridal Shower invites!! YAY!.... That kept me busy for a whole 2 days lol. I sat down with some wine and got to work, and a couple of them are examples of why you shouldn't Wine and Design, but a couple are pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself! I won't put up the invite that made the cut, but here are the rejects. Enjoy!

The Left is the front of this one and the right, the back. This is My FAVORITE. Love the vintage wedding and household pics!

This one I gave an Option for colored flowers or not.

I never finished this one simply because I hated it. Too cheesy for me! I must have been drinking when I started this one! Wine + Design = This junk lol

I really like this one, but maybe it looks a little masculine for a Bridal Shower.

And this one is pretty cute too. Kind of Vintage.

This one is nice, but kind of looks like something you could go buy anywhere.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Because I'm bored thats why......

Why, start a blog? Because I'm bored outta my mind, thats why! I am living in a very small town in Ireland, with no work anywhere in sight. The highlight of my week usually is going into town to pay bills and do the weeks shopping! The other 6 days of the week I scour the internet trying to find new and awesome blogs with some ideas on how to keep a cooped up housewife busy! My favorite blogs are ones on cooking, photography and some crafts. I love being creative, I usually take a look at something and wonder how I can make it myself. So this will be my new outlet/diary of things I have tried, and things I am working on at the moment, good or bad, success or failure. This includes things I have been cooking (or TRIED cooking lol), new photography or photo editing techniques or just new things I'm trying around the house! This sometimes will include rants of frustrations when my latest adventure isn't working! Ok, thats enough about the blog, how bout some info about me, for those that don't already know me! My name is Erin, I am from St. Louis MO, but currently live in a small town in Ireland. I have been married to my wonderful husband Alan for 6 years now and we have no children yet, but we do have cats! My mother always told me that a man who liked cats couldn't be bad, so far so good! I have been actively trying to start my own photography business, and its coming along, slowly but surely! ( I love all things design..... Business cards, Flyers, Photo-Editing, Invitation Design...EVERYTHING! I'm a bit dramatic, I exaggerate and I constantly overuse the exclamation point!!! I am completely addicted to Facebook and spend waaay too much time there. And also I lose interest in things pretty quickly, so don't be too surprised when you don't see a blog from me for a few weeks...... But don't worry, I'll be back! Ok enough about me, wish me luck, cause honestly, writing isn't my thing, but I am THAT bored!